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About Francesca Sharp Flowers

Get to know Francesca, find out more about what inspires her and her plans for Francesca Sharp Flowers

Inspired by Nature

Francesca has been a florist for almost 30 years, starting in London in 1989 decorating some of the capitals most prestigious hotels and wedding venues before moving to rural West Sussex to grow her own flowers and build her new business as a Florist in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.  Francesca has seen floral fashions come and go and come back again over the course of those three decades but this has had no impact on Francesca's design aesthetic and approach to floristry.


Since childhood, Francesca has always been inspired by nature in all of its glory. The colours, fragrances and visual appeal of the English countryside have uniquely influenced the way that Francesca grows, arranges and displays her work and are a constant source of inspiration.


This timeless approach is not dictated by passing fashions and stands the test of time just as nature itself remains constant. 

Francesca's work is instantly recognisable for its rustic, homegrown, relaxed style that reflects the rural orchard that she has cultivated from scratch and where she grows most of the flowers and foliage that feature in her designs.


Francesca also offers a gardening service and works with her clients gardens to create stunning cutting borders that yield beautiful blooms year after year. You can spend a morning with Francesca learning how to create your own flower arrangements at home on one of her popular Flower Arranging Workshops so you can learn from one of the leading Florists in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex and create unique arrangements at home time and again. 

Francesca Sharp Flowers Services

Francesca provides wedding flowers in West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire in her signature relaxed, homegrown British style. From button holes and bouquets to flower arches and pedestal arrangements, whatever your style, venue and budget, Francesca will design your unique wedding flowers with you in mind.

Francesca offers a gardening service in West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, creating stunning flower gardens that will provide cut flowers for your home throughout the seasons. Whether you have a small city garden or acres of green space, Francesca will help you create a garden you can be proud of.  

Learn how to create beautiful arrangements at home with Francesca. Spend the morning in her extensive cutting gardens and learn how to cut, condition and arrange flowers for every season. With homemade cakes and refreshments to enjoy, what better way to spend a morning.

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