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Design your perfect wedding bouquet

Wedding season is in full swing and every weekend over the summer for me will be filled with a wonderful variety of weddings with all different themes, colour schemes and venues. No matter what type of wedding my couples are having though, there is one item that is always on the wish list for brides and that is a beautiful, eye catching bouquet. 

Wedding flowers, bouquets and button holes by Francesca Sharp Flowers, Surrey wedding florists
The brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and button holes. Photo by Sarah Ann Wright.

How to choose the perfect bouquet style

When thinking about your bouquet and your bridesmaids flowers it is important to consider how they will fit in to your overall wedding scheme. What style will your wedding be? Is it boho, vintage, modern, country, classic, pretty or something entirely different? The look and feel that you are trying to create with your wedding venue, decorations and other floral arrangements will often be reflected in the bridal parties bouquets so that the whole wedding flows seamlessly and creates a wonderful effect. 

A wedding bouquet for a hampshire wedding by Francesca Sharp Flowers
A boho bouquet. Photo by Charlotte Razell Photography

The style of your dress may also play a part in deciding how your bouquet will look. Traditionally, brides would stick to quite a regimented format when choosing a bouquet based on their dress, so a large princess gown with billowing skirts would be matched with a cascading arrangement that would flow down the dress echoing its style. Whereas a structured fishtail or A-line dress would be matched with a smaller posy arrangement. However in recent years brides have chosen to steer away from tradition and almost all of my brides now choose a hand tied arrangement regardless of the style of their dress. 

Of course one of the most important design considerations will be your personal taste and what you would prefer to carry on the day. Your bouquet will feature in almost every photograph and is perhaps your most important accessory so it deserves a lot of thought. Some brides do not like the thought of carrying a large bouquet and decide to choose a pommander  which is held by a ribbon, or a corsage which is worn on the wrist instead. Others may choose a basket of flowers that can be looped over the arm or you may choose a single stem which may be easier to hold. 

The season in which you plan to marry will also help to determine your bouquet because this will dictate the flowers that are available at that time. I always use British seasonal flowers in my arrangements so this will begin to shape the style of bouquet from the start. 

Favourite bouquet flowers for each season

The most important criteria for bouquet flowers is that they are strong enough to withstand being held for a long time. Your bouquet will play an important role throughout your wedding day; from that first walk down the aisle, through the photos, to being thrown to the single ladies at the end of the night; it needs to be able to withstand quite a lot! These are my favourite flowers for a bouquet that will look beautiful all day…









Sweet Peas




















Lily of the valley


Foliage is also very important in a bouquet, especially if you are having a countryside, vintage or boho theme to your wedding. The following foliage can be used all year round; Rosemary, Lavender Foliage, Weeping Pear, Jasmine, Clematis and Periwinkle. 

More delicate flowers and foliage can be wired for extra support in a bouquet but using stronger, long lasting blooms will help your bouquet look beautiful for longer. 

Bridesmaids bouquets 

Wedding flowers, brides and bridesmaids bouquets by Francesca Sharp Flowers
Brides and bridesmaids bouquets. Photo by Sarah Ann Wright.

Often, the colour of your bridesmaids dresses will impact on your flower choices across your wedding but nowhere is this more important than in your bridesmaids bouquets.

Some brides choose to have the same bouquets for all of their bridesmaids, perhaps identical to the brides bouquet or a smaller version of it. Others choose to give the maid of honour a bouquet and then something different for the other bridesmaids.

You might choose corsages for their wrists or pommanders for them to hold or perhaps a flower garland for their hair instead so that their hands are kept free. 

Flower girl arrangements for wedding flowers by Francesca Sharp Flowers
Flower girls may need smaller arrangements or flower bands for their hair.

If you are having young bridesmaids or flower girls then you will need to consider how easy it is for them to hold whatever floral arrangement you are giving them. A very young child may find it too tempting to pick at a hand tied bouquet whereas a basket filled with fresh flower petals for them to scatter down the aisle may be just perfect. 

If you do decide to choose bouquets for your bridesmaids then these can be repurposed after the ceremony and used to decorate the top table for example so you get more for your flower budget. 

A unique design

The most important thing is not to be swayed too much by current wedding trends, choose the style of bouquet and flowers that you really like. Your wedding after all should be about you and your partner and a celebration of your unique style.

To speak to me about your wedding flowers and design your perfect wedding bouquet call 01252 790840 or 07710 914420. You can also email me at to book an appointment.

I also offer workshops for brides who wish to do your own wedding flowers, come along with your bridesmaids and friends and spend a day learning how to create beautiful wedding arrangements yourself. I can even supply your flowers for the big day ready for you to arrange. Contact me to find out more.

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